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In this virtual workshop, Caveday will teach the concept of Deep Work and how to get more done in less time. We’ll begin by talking about “flow,” the science of productivity, and all of the distractions that get in the way. Then, we’ll actually do a deep work sprint, where you’ll get more done in 30 minutes than you have in most entire mornings (I know, crazy, but you’ll see). And then we’ll leave you with clear takeaways about being more focused and productive, especially working from home.

Bring a project to work on– that thing you’ve been putting off or that thing that needs to get done. Once you leave The Cave, you’ll never work the same way again.

Since 2016, Caveday has facilitated over 50,000 hours of deep work. They bring people together to do their best work by facilitating distraction-free spaces in an experience we call “The Cave.” They teach the principles of focus and energy management in order to improve our relationship to work. Caveday has been featured in FastCompany, The Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNN, the BBC and more. Working with companies of all sizes, they also help with remote productivity, team engagement and continue to serve a growing global community from nearly 30 countries. Learn more at

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