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NeuroLinguistic Programming for Professionals: Applications to Problem Solving, Coaching and Training

  • 20 Aug 2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • 21 Aug 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • New Orleans Convention Center 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130
  • 29



This course is about communication, brain-based learning and professional development aimed primarily at effective training, coaching and problem solving. We will give you a deeper understanding of the deeper levels of rapport development and relationship management–useful, and often crucial–in all aspects of management, HR, training and coaching. It's also the basis of handling all difficulties between and among people, both in work and in life. Many people don't realize that all of this is a specific set of skills, involving language, voice tone, body language and observational and flexibility skills to.  These skills can be learned by anyone, and truly improve anyone's abilities in helping or leading others.  NLP is based on how the brain actually works. The skills we will develop in this course are not the usual fare. Not standard old-time body language ideas. Not a bunch of tips.  Real world applications based on the latest science we have available. You will get a solid introduction to this fascinating field.

This is also about understanding, developing and using our most resourceful states of mind to develop skills, solve problems and achieve goals. Everyone knows that to be at our best we must be in the proper state of mind.  Most people don't know that this can be brought-largely-under our control. Using these ideas and skills will help people, both coaches and those they help, get into their best states of mind when they most need to. This helps with decision making, communication, and problem solving, both individually and between people. It is also one of the skills of great trainers. We will blend all this into a framework that participants can use from now on, in every area of their work, and even in their personal lives.

Presented by: Sid Jacobson, Ph.D. 

Sid Jacobson, Ph.D. was one of the early Certified Trainers by the Society of NLP. He has worked as a researcher, trainer, and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses, and professional athletes in over 20 countries. He is a past Director of the Neuro-Linguistics Forum in ATD.  Sid is the author of five books and the co-author of another, as well as many papers & articles on NLP. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters in Social Work and is considered an expert in the application of NLP to education and training, psychotherapy and communication skills. He currently consults and trains all over the world, including having worked for some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world, including Singapore Airlines, Western Digital, Shell, Conoco-Philips, Applied Materials, Maersk Sealand, Intel, SAP and more.

ATD core competencies we’ll address:

Change Management

Performance Improvement

Training Delivery


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